Book of Remembrance

We pray for all deceased pilgrims.

We know of the following pilgrims who have recently died:

Anna Jarvis, Ellen O’Neill, Kieran Johnston, Liz Halley, Joan Towner, Bernadette Watts, Bridget White, Deirdre Colledge, Joseph Searle, Babs Paige, Fr David Sutcliffe, Fr Ken Freeman, Celine Perkins, Jennifer Keen, Geoffrey Levett, Philip Williams, Stuart Murrell, Evelyn Pearce, Jan Dethick, Alan Fazackarley, Canon John Stapleton, Fiona Hague, Bernie Sexton, Yogesh Ramrutty, Simon Hulme, Patricia Townley, Dorothy Hopley, Ivan Dupree, Sandra Thatcher, Mgr. Terry Stonehill, Bernard Harper, Richard Craig-Wing, Ann Kibble, Mary Lovell, Fr Victor Cook, Fr Joe Ware, Rev Canon Dennis Barry, Mary McCallum, Yvonne Wolczak, Canon Richard Incledon, Pauline Chapman, Fr. Emmanuel Agius, Rachel Cookson, Mary Elmslie, Yvonne Mcintosh, Peggy Strong, Barbara Aldridge, Rosemary Henry, Molly Hanafin, Gerry Rooney, Dennis Royston, Lady Sarah Clutton, John French, Chris Evans, Pat Browne, Eileen Totham

May they all be at peace and experience the joy of heaven


The Book of Remembrance contains names of our loved ones who have died.

It is displayed prominently on the Sanctuary at every celebration of Mass when we are in Lourdes.

If you would wish to add a name of a deceased relative or friend, please contact us