Health & Safety

A caring organisation should be a safe organisation. The Arundel & Brighton Lourdes Pilgrimage has a written Health and Safety Policy together with a manual of safe practices and procedures. Helpers have a health and safety briefing as part of their preparation for the pilgrimage. All pilgrims are expected to follow the health and safety procedures laid down by the organisation. Group leaders have copies of the policy and procedures but a brief summary follows:


  • All pilgrims (those registered as assisted pilgrims, doctors, nurses, chaplains, enrolled helpers and able pilgrims) should behave responsibly and not put themselves or any other person at risk because of their behaviour.

  • All pilgrims should be aware of and follow the principles of basic hygiene, particularly with regard to hand-washing and drying.

  • Pilgrims are expected to follow the direction of leaders and/or relevant staff (coach, ferry, hotel, Accueil) in the event of an emergency.