Music Group

Music plays an integral part of the pilgrimage and is one of the memories pilgrims take home with them. We have a small music team who work on the logistics of setting up for services and having all the music needed, but we rely on pilgrims to make the sounds. Thus we know players and singers are going to arrive at the last minute with their Hotel or Accueil team and will settle a pilgrim they have been assisting before coming over to join us. We will have your music ready for you and can even transport your instrument to and from the venues.

We always have a practice afternoon prior to the pilgrimage to give you a flavour of the type of music we have for the year. We try to have music to suit a wide range of ability of instrumentalists and in the keys needed for transposing instruments such as trumpets, horns, viola, etc. It is helpful if you can let us know your instrument and ability before we go so we can prepare music for you.

During the week in Lourdes we also have a music concert and you are invited to bring some music, with accompaniment, and we would be delighted for you to take part in what is always a lovely concert of instrumental and sung music. We are fortunate to have some talented pianists who will be happy to play your accompaniment for you so do remember the piano music when packing!  Let us know in Lourdes if you would like to take part.

Everyday in Lourdes we have a music practice for the following day. The times and location of the practices will be printed in your pilgrimage handbook. Not everyone will be able to come to every practice, sometimes they may not manage to come to any but it is not a requirement, just an opportunity to help those who like to have a look through beforehand. Just turning up to play or sing suits us on the music team! We also welcome singers and instrumentalists from the Red Shirts Group.