Nurses start their pilgrimage from the moment they join the coach in the UK and continues until you finally return. In Lourdes, you will be asked to nurse either in one of the pilgrimage hotels or in the “Accueil” (A ward of a purpose built building with facilities to enable caring for those who need more assistance). During the journey, you will be asked to nurse on a coach or Jumbuance, and then on the boat and the train. It will be, and you will have, great fun, and make many new friends.

Your role is that of enabler and team-player. You should be enabling the Hospitalite to care for, and accompany the pilgrims on their pilgrimage. They too need to feel supported and encouraged by your presence. The golden rule is: not to do anything that a member of the Hospitalite can safely do instead. However you may need to show and teach them first. Most helpers learn very quickly but some are more confident than others.

Nursing in Lourdes is both very different from, and similar to, nursing at home. In Lourdes, you have the unique opportunity to nurse in a way that does not seem possible any more at home and the real art of nursing comes into its own. That is to say, in Lourdes you will have the opportunity to spend quality time alongside pilgrims and in contrast to home, there will be very little in the way of technology. It is your skills as a caring nurse that you will be able to use and we hope develop.

The cost of the pilgrimage is £725. Financial help is available if needed. One way of raising the funds may be to get some sponsorship from your parish.

You will be required to attend a number of preparation days :

  • Sunday 24th June - New Helpers Day at St Wilfrid's School, Crawley (For all first time Nurses and Helpers)
  • Saturday 14th July - Pre-Briefing Day at DABCEC, Crawley (For all Leaders, Doctors and Nurses)
  • Sunday 22nd July - Briefing Day at St Wilfrid's School, Crawley (For all Helpers, Doctors and Nurses)

For more information contact the Pilgrimage Office 01403 740110.