Our Pilgrimage is first of all a spiritual journey permitting us to get to know God better;

we create the circumstances where we can find Him or He can find us.


Our Pilgrimage is about our service to each other, and most particularly our service to the sick;

this is intimately involved with our spiritual search in the same way as loving God and loving our neighbour are inseparable.


Our Pilgrimage is a time of joy and of fun;

laughter, companionship, social times are important. We also set limits, which form part of our vision, and these can be expressed as follows:


Our Pilgrimage is not a spiritual retreat spent in a solitary inward-looking way

…our route to God is with others in our groups and through prayer and action combined.


Our Pilgrimage does not require helpers to be on duty all the time, and have no space for themselves or for fun;

a balance is necessary so that we can provide a warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in which people have a successful pilgrimage.


Our Pilgrimage does not allow us to ignore the interests of others by spending too much time and energy on “having a good time”;

we must always be able to fulfil the spiritual and service side of the pilgrimage. A pilgrimage implies a sense of sacrifice and giving up something, which is in itself good. When the balance between pilgrimage and party is lost sight of, then the whole of our pilgrimage is affected and hurt.